Aldea Pharmaceuticals is developing a platform of novel drugs called Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Activators (or ALDAs). The first drug candidate, Alda-1, was licensed from Stanford University. Through our medicinal chemistry efforts Aldea’s scientists have generated improved second and third generation compounds. The therapeutic potential of ALDAs has been demonstrated in a number of models of human disease. Data regarding ALDAs have been published in a number of top tier scientific journals including Science, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, and Science Translational Medicine.

Aldea plans to file an IND on its lead candidate in 2014. A phase 1/2 acute alcohol challenge study in healthy volunteers is planned as a proof of concept for Aldea’s therapeutic approach. More specifically, successful activation of ALDH2 will provide support for pursuit of studies in acute alcohol toxicity and orphan indications such as Fanconi Anemia.